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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

REAL TALK - On Wednesday!

Be an encouragement to someone today. You will never know what that person maybe going through and how your gesture, thoughtfullness or kinds words can positvely impact their lives. Be a vessel of God's love!

~Grace Alleyne

A NEW INSPIRATION - Wednesday's Faith 👍

The message of love, faith and hope will always be found in Jesus Christ 👍

~Minister Madison Watson 

WORD - Wednesday's Love to Live... ✔

Today's Verse derives from (John 12:30) which says;
Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes  

We Pray God Blesses You
~Stephen McKinnon

PRAYER - On Wednesday 🙏!

We are praying for everyone who suffer "Depression and Anxiety"!

~Minister "Lady Bee" Archie

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

REAL TALK - On Tuesday!

Arrogant and prideful people feel you have to put up with their mess. Well, can I give you a tidbit of advice? Put the brakes on them. Some people will not learn until you put the brakes on them. Maybe your assignment for their life is to put the brakes on them. Some of these individuals have gotten away with hurting so many people because of who they think they are that handling people have become second nature to them. Well, it's time to check that spirit...put the brakes on them. You can be Kingdom and still put the brakes on individuals. God is not raising up no jellyback Saints.

~Minister Terra Rush

A NEW INSPIRATION - Tuesday's Faith 👍

Just remember the same blood that sets you free is the same blood that runs through you. Know who your Father is and know that you are already set free, healed, and delivered 👍

~Carlos Aranda